an amount or quantity of business activity. Glossary of Business Terms
The number of purchases or sales of a commodity futures contract made during a specific period of time, often the total transactions for one trading day. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
The number of futures contracts, calls, or puts traded in a day. Volume figures use the number of longs or shorts in a day, not both. Such figures are reported on the following day. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
This is the daily number of shares of a security that change hands between a buyer and a seller. Also known as volume traded. Also see up volume and down volume. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The number of contracts in futures or options on futures made during a specified period of time. At CME, it refers to "aggregated quantity" ( i.e., total traded volume of the day). The published exchange volume figure consists of all trades executed on the trading floor, CME Globex and by Exchange-For-Physical (EFP). Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
Amount of trading activity, expressed in shares or dollars, experienced by a single security or the entire market within a specified period, usually daily, monthly, or annually. Exchange Handbook Glossary
The number of bonds, shares and securities that are traded on the Stock Exchange for a given period.
The total number of contract lots traded in a designated period of time. LIFFE
The daily cumulative volume for each security. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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volume vol‧ume [ˈvɒljuːm ǁ ˈvɑːljəm] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. the amount of space that a substance or object contains or fills:

• The US gallon is about five-sixths the volume of the UK gallon.

2. the total amount of something:
volume of

• The volume of exports was up 4% on the previous 4 months.

• the high volume of traffic at O'Hare airport

• 59% of companies reported that sales volume was lower than a year ago.

• The telephone company began offering a new volume discount (= price reduction for using a large amount of goods or services ) for business customers.

3. FINANCE the total amount of activity on a stockmarket, usually measured by the number of shares that have been traded in a particular period of time:

• Volume dropped sharply to 113.5 million shares.

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volume UK US /ˈvɒljuːm/ noun [C or U] (ABBREVIATION vol.)
the amount of space that is contained within an object, or that is filled by an object or substance: »

What is the volume of the fuel tank?

the total number or amount of something: »

The helpline could not handle the volume of calls from people having problems.

by volume »

The company is now the number one swimwear retailer by volume.


Imports of consumer goods have risen in volume by 10%.


Retail sales volumes rose by 5.4% in the year to May in Sweden.

STOCK MARKET the total number of shares that are bought or sold on a stock market within a particular period of time: »

Trading volume totaled more than 2.8 million shares.


The average daily volume has been 700,860 shares a day for the past three months.

heavy/light/moderate volume »

There could be volatility before year-end due to light volume.

in volume — Cf. in volume
See also HIGH VOLUME(Cf. ↑high volume), LOW VOLUME(Cf. ↑low volume), SALES VOLUME(Cf. ↑sales volume)

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